The Old Bones

In a galaxy connected by ancient paths of interstellar plasma, a crew of alien misfits struggle to find a place for themselves while avoiding the attention of heavily-armed law firms, murderous chinchillas, a variety of space gods, and a mysterious holding company.



Where it All Began


Dr. Molly Harrow

Species: Human

Profession: Scientist

Specialized Equipment: Cybernetic nanite hand, multi-spectrum goggles

Molly Harrow has always been on the cutting edge of her profession—though whether that edge is the forefront or the fringe is a matter of opinion. An adept researcher and engineer with a passion for hybridized technology, her work lead her far afield, forever seeking out strange, undiscovered alien designs. This near-obsessive pursuit is what led her to to the discovery of the legendary starship she calls The Chimera.

The Day Dr. Harrow Lost Her Hand



CDRA (Cidra)

Species: Ardori*

Profession: Wealth

Specialized Equipment: A frankly unconscionable amount of money

An emergent intelligence born of a matrix of immensely complicated financial structures, the entity known as CDRA was placed into a specially-engineered body by the bureaucrat-monks of the Ardorian Inner Treasury as part of a program to study the effects of physical experience on market forces. Had all gone according to plan, she would have lived out her life in the pampered solitude of a remote jungle Vault—but since when does anything go according to plan?

The Day Cidra Lost Her Place



Theron Melanthios

Species: Ailuroi

Profession: Security Officer

Specialized Equipment: Khopesh

Something went very wrong during Theron’s initiation into the ranks of the Ailuroi military. The series of ritualized combat trials was supposed to affirm the initiate’s commitment to their people’s strange psionic gods—instead, Theron left the temple with one of those gods permanently lodged in his mind. Branded a heretic, he now travels the galaxy, seeking work in the only field in which he excels: violence.

The Day Theron Lost a Friend




Species: Rooiban (modified)

Profession: Bodyguard

Specialized Equipment: Jabberjaw (an electronic voicebox that translates his native light-based communication into sound)

Dang is a bodyguard. Just a regular old light-eating, energy-blasting bodyguard with a regular old past that doesn’t include any terrifying galaxy-conquering god-emperors or anything like that. Nope, just a regular guy.

The Day Dang Lost His Job




Species: Uhl’mast

Profession: Lawyer

Specialized Equipment: MUNINN (intelligent, highly-weaponized mecha-suit)

Ra’lethe hails from the Akashic Bleed, a region of space

overrun by magic and weirdness, and there he made quite a name for himself representing the legal interests of unknowable beings from beyond time and space. However, when a case breaks bad in the Bleed, it can have strange and far-reaching repercussions, which is why Ra’lethe is now bound to a mysterious mecha-suit, unable to leave its confines lest the screams of several billion tortured souls flood his mind and reduce him to a quivering lump of existential madness.

The Day Ra’Lethe Lost His Reputation


The galaxy is vast, strange, and ancient. Once, long ago, some long-lost civilization strung immense streams of plasma across the stars, leaving behind a network of pathways — the Old Bones. Today, alien cultures of all types — from the cosmopolitan Ardorians, to the domineering avian Nesiri, to the warlike Ailuroi with their techno-psionic insect gods — travel them to mix, mingle, and explore. 

It is a galaxy teeming with life, steeped in magic, and plagued with mystery. Unnamed things slumber on forgotten planets, strange forces make space and perception unpredictable, and complex ideas develop intentions of their own. Inspired by cosmic comic book stories from Guardians of the Galaxy to The New Gods, the galaxy of the Old Bones is a place where any — and every — thing can happen.


The Old Bones is played with a prerelease version of Storypath, the system that powers Onyx Path’s Scion and Trinity Universe games. This version of the system was adapted from early preview material and Kickstarter reward manuscripts, then modified based on the group’s decades of experience with previous White Wolf dicepool systems — especially the version of Storyteller that powered the first edition of Aberrant, the Trinity Universe superhero game.