The House of Black Lanterns

Sometimes you get the idea to do a workplace sitcom spinoff of your Dungeons & Dragons game, and you just do it?

In an extraplanar casino where guests can gamble away their very souls, the staff must juggle the rigors of hospitality, the esoteric demands of forces they cannot entirely comprehend, and the constant risk that them might end up discorporated, petrified, transubstantiated, or worse–all while wearing a smile!



Race: Shadar-Kai

Class: Concierge

Zani, a genteel and canny native of the Shadowfell with a natural talent for becoming invisible, is undoubtedly the oldest servant in the House of Black Lanterns. Ages ago, he sought to win infinite wishes at the famous House. While he handily won a game of “Perfumed Poison” (a competition of insults veiled in apparent compliments), the infinite wishes he won were not his own. Thereafter, Zani was aware of anything the guests of the House of Black Lanterns wished for, and was compelled to facilitate their fulfillment. But as a Shadar-Kai, he looks like a dessicated corpse while on his home plane, so he took on the decorative outfit and porcelain mask to put guests at ease.




Race: Dust Mephit

Class: Bellhop

A dust mephit who is undoubtedly the oldest servant in the House of Black Lanterns, Pix is determined to one day, eventually, take the House for himself. He almost did, you know. He was thiiiiiis close. He’ll tell you the story about it if you ask. And probably if you don’t ask. He currently serves as the House’s bellhop, and he’ll get your bags to your room, no matter what obstacles you might come across on the way. Tips are always appreciated. 



Elodia Rarandra

Race: High Elf (Eladrin)

Class: Entertainer

Elodia has been in service to the House of Black Lanterns for about a decade as an accomplished singer, entertainer, and master of ceremonies for the performances held daily in the bar and lounge. She has a knack for knowing the right thing to wear and the best way to influence a crowd. She’s also adept at stirring up occasional mischief and irritating the kitchen staff when bored.



Eliza Elizabeth “Lizzie” Fairweather

Race: Giff

Class: Bartender

Born on a distant moon and raised in the galley of a Spelljammer, Lizzie Fairweather has seen things even the most adventurous planet-bound mage would struggle to imagine. This makes her an excellent fit for The House of Black Lanterns, where all manner of beings from all manner of world come looking for a friendly face and a good, strong drink.


The House of Black Lanterns exists at the margins of reality–though it is properly located in the Shadowfell (a transitional realm where spirits pass from the world of the living to their final and eternal destinations), it can appear in any number of places on any number of worlds, offering its questionable services to rich and poor alike, human, demi-human, and beings far stranger.


The House of Black Lanterns is an obscure-but-canonical establishment mentioned only a smattering of times in the D&D 4th Edition literature, which comes up briefly in Misplaced.


The House of Black Lanterns runs on Simple World by Avery Alder, a pared-down version Apocalypse World designed to allow players to quickly build their own unique Powered-by-the-Apocalypse hacks.